The aim of this project was to provide the children with both a recreational and an educational activity during their holiday month (August). They would receive online lessons and activities about bees to develop a real passion for bees, as the orphanage will soon have its own bee colony. The head of the orphanage, Beby Hasina Rasoarivelo, wanted a mix of learning and fun for the children.

The LAFMAAL team and the TANGAINA team put their hearts into the BEE HAPPY project. A total of eight LAFMAAL doctoral students and six volunteers from the orphanage gave 20 children an unforgettable holiday. The LAFMAAL doctoral students were divided into four teams of two and were responsible for teaching the children in French. The volunteers in TANGAINA assigned to the two-person teams of doctoral students were responsible for organising and doing translations if necessary. The children were divided into four teams, ranging from the youngest team to the college team. Each team had a session of at least one hour each week.

August was a month full of great experiences for the doctoral students, the volunteers, and the children. Everyone was really interested in the project. During the different sessions, the children learned a lot about bees. And the time spent together, even if it was online, is a great souvenir that everyone will cherish. The team of doctoral students would be ready for such a project again at any time.