LAFMAAL SOCIAL stands for:

an international project-cooperation with non-governmental organisations that provide socially sustainable care for orphans and widows:

  • currently in the following countries
    • Côte d’Ivoire, Uganda, India, Madagascar, Bulgaria and Namibia
  • grounded in values of Christian charity, one scholarship-holder takes over the management of the social activities, which take place on a regular basis

From the very beginning, we have always combined academic support and social commitment in our foundation. Our scholarship-holders lead and coordinate social activities in rotation (on Easter and Christmas). This is done with the help project leaders of other non-governmental organizations from different countries within our social network.
Since the beginning of the social actions on Easter 2018 in Côte d’Ivoire, we have been able to expand them gradually. In 2018 we conducted a social project in Madagascar and in 2019 in India, Uganda and Bulgaria. The main goal is to support orphans and widows in accordance with the Christian values of charity. For the orphans, the activities include, for example, a local community gathering for a small celebration with communal meals, gifts and the financial support of IT equipment for school purposes. We support the widows financially, for example through micro-credits to enable them start a small business. We also provide seminars and further training for the widows.
Intercultural exchange among the project leaders and especially among the children from different countries is a goal of our foundation. Thanks to the online opportunities that digital media have enabled, this intercultural exchange is made possible.

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