In July 2019, Mariam Muwanga, a final year doctoral student at the University of Wuppertal (Germany) and a member of the LAFMAAL team, led a seminar entitled How to successfully complete your doctorate at INP-HB in Yamoussoukro. The aim of the seminar is to train STEM-PhD candidates in the professional skills they need during and after their PhD. Participants gain important knowledge of general skills such as time and project management, theoretical writing, professional training, communication and rhetoric. As the language of instruction is English, participants also have the opportunity to present their PhD projects in English and receive feedback from Ms. Muwanga and their peers. Ms. Mariam Muwanga was invited by Professor Benjamin Yao, Director of the Doctoral School, and spent two weeks at INP-HB, Yamoussoukro. In total, about 15 students from different fields of STEM attended the seminar. The two-week seminar was a success and participants’ comments were positive.