Vision: Excellence of young female to empower the development

Foundation for Women-Scientists

from developing countries

Network of Universities

Promotion of PhD-degrees



Christian values

The sponsoring-portfolio of LAFMAAL

  • We foster the excellence of young female researchers morally, intellectually as well as facilitating their technological advancement. The goal is for them to become better integrated as future stakeholders in the business world and in their social environment while abiding by the Christian values of charity towards other human beings irrespective of religion or ethnic background
  • Fostering environmental conservation
  • Fostering environmental, agricultural, biotechnology, industrial as well as medical research
  • Facilitating technologies that foster environmentally-friendly ways of processing and creating sustainability of raw materials
  • Fostering research excellence of women especially in the natural sciences, in research and technology
  • Fostering the social development of developing countries, especially in West Africa, through the natural sciences, research and technology over an indefinite period of time given the available resources

Basic sponsorship of persons and projects

  • Scholarships for young female researchers from developing countries pursuing a PhD/doctorate
  • Funding the promotion of excellence of young women from developing countries
  • Providing conference-attendance grants to female researchers from developing countries
  • Funding of joint projects with partner universities
  • Funding of Centres of Excellence in developing countries
  • Financing projects aimed at environmental protection in developing countries