“The Excellence of the Young Woman for Development”

is a vision that was received in early 1996 when the now deceased mother of the project’s founder Dr. Michel A. Aliman told him that he is the sole heir of several pieces of land in the lake-region of Yamoussoukro, among them an Island in the Bandama-River. During a visit to Côte d’Ivoire, the idea to use this piece of land became clearer and was confirmed through prayer after a double family tragedy at the beginning of 2011, in the middle of the Ivorian political crisis. More than half of the world’s population are women. They are blessed with excellent gifts given to them by God to enable them make their best contribution in the world. In most countries around the world however, especially in developing countries, this very half - which is often oppressed or sometimes ostracized – are not given the opportunity to use their talent and abilities to contribute fully to the development of well-balanced and harmonious societies. Women are indeed often victims of discrimination especially in institutions of higher learning. Environmental protection remains, by all means, the responsibility of mankind (men and women) created in all its diversity by the Creator of the Universe! Therefore it is obvious that science and technology have to be accessible to all human beings without any discrimination on the basis of race, gender or ethnicity etc. To ensure that inequality and this loss in national development are at least partially tackled, the foundation „LA FONDATION MICHEL AIPBRI ALIMAN” has the following objectives:

• to promote the excellence of young women in science and technology as well as in morals and ethics to foster their successful integration in national economic and social structures

• to promote unconditional love and charity towards fellow human beings irrespective of background, religion, social status as taught by the Lord Jesus

• to protect the environment

• to make scientific contributions to solving problems facing the environment and healthcare, and to contribute to the transformation and sustainability of raw materials using technology

• to promote young gifted women by providing them with opportunities to carry out excellence research, scientific research and to make innovative contributions in technology

• to promote scientific research and new technologies in social development You are welcome to join us in making this vision of excellence for mankind a reality!

You are welcome to join us in making this vision of excellence for mankind a reality!

The Word of the President:

« High-level education of young women is one of the best solutions for many problems which seriously affect mankind today. »

Dr.-Ing. Michel A. Aliman President and Founder of LAFMAAL